Technology Use

Students are permitted to use their own device or access a school device when the teacher deems it necessary for achieving learning outcomes. Devices are to be used for educational purposes only. Devices are not to be out or used at any other time with the exception of at the end of the day while waiting for the bus in front of the school or in the permitted locations on school grounds on lunch and break.

We, as a school community, want to foster positive, face-to-face, social interactions within our school and we are asking parents not to text or call their child during the school day. If there is an emergency, the school needs to know how to support your child, therefore direct contact with the office would be appreciated.

Expectations Surrounding Technology Use

Cell phones and other devices are to be used only at the direction of a teacher for educational purposes. Devices may be used for personal reasons in the morning, at break, during lunch and after school, while outside or in the cafeteria. If a device is seen for any other purpose or at a time that is deemed inappropriate, it will be confiscated.

  • The first offense will be a warning to the student and the phone may be given back to the student at the end of the day.
  • The second offense will result in a parent/legal guardian being required to obtain it from the administration.
  • The third offense may result in the phone being kept for an extended period of time and possible discipline may occur for defiance along with the access to the school's internet being removed for their personal devices.

If a student needs to use the phone, there is a phone dedicated for student use at the office. In the case of an emergency or if a student is ill, students will be permitted to use the office phone.

Students are not permitted to have or use cameras while on school property and they are therefore to refrain from using their electronic device's camera (unless deemed appropriate by a teacher). Any student using these will have it confiscated and given to the office.

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